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Reynoldsburg Parks Arboretum


Reynoldsburg Parks Arboretum


The arboretum, scattered over several parks and public green spaces, is an attempt at bridging the gap between casual nature lovers and serious students and enthusiasts of horticulture, arboriculture, and botany. They are up to 125 unique named species or varieties with many more options to tag over the coming years to increase this amount. They aim to plant trees that they do not have already for the sake of biodiversity as well as to be an outdoor classroom for woody plant identification. This is magnified by their “Trees of Reynoldsburg” database that has identification features for each tree such as buds, bark, growth habit, flowers, and more. The intent is to promote this to horticulture students at their local universities and will be accessible via the web. They also have plans to have each tree placed on our GIS interactive parks maps in the future as time and budget allows. Most plants are adjacent to paved surfaces to allow a variety of people to access the named trees and there are some off the beaten path for more intrepid tree explorers. They also maintain our trees as per ANSI standards and ISA Best Management practices and therefore they can be used as example of tree maintenance for students, arborists, landscapers, and even homeowners.

They have some modest collections that will be increased over the years such as 14 unique maples, 12 oaks, and 6 varieties of eastern redbud.


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