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Level IV Criteria

  • Satisfy all criteria for Level I, Level II and Level III accreditation.
  • A scientific and/or conservation staff and capability to collaborate in scientific or conservation activities with other arboreta or organizations related to trees.
  • Institutional capacity, stability, and commitment to hold and safeguard plants of collections or conservation value on behalf of the collective interests of the profession.
  • Professional capability to collaborate in some way with other arboreta relevant organizations (e.g. public gardens, universities, local government, NGOs, student groups, etc.) preferably with evidence of  existing collaboration. Examples of collaborations may include plant evaluations, research projects, in situ or ex situ conservation projects, educational programs, exhibits, public events, interpretation, collecting expeditions, plant exchanges, professional meetings and co-authoring scientific research papers. See checklist below

  • Specific consideration of a conservation role  See chart below


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