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Morton Register of Arboreta

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The Morton Register of Arboreta is a comprehensive list and database of arboreta and public gardens that have a substantial focus on woody plants. The purpose of the Morton Register is to identify all of the organizations in the world that collect and display trees, shrubs, and other woody plants for the benefit of the public, science, and conservation. Contact the ArbNet Coordinator if your institution should be added to the Morton Register.

The Morton Register of Arboreta should not be confused with arboreta that have been accredited through the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program. ArbNet-accredited arboreta are highlighted in the Morton Register with the official ArbNet accreditation badge and a link to their dedicated profile web page. Institutions listed in the Morton Register are strongly encouraged to become accredited through the ArbNet Accreditation Program.

View the list of ArbNet Accredited Arboreta within the Morton Register. 



ARBNET ACCREDITED ARBORETA AROUND THE WORLD         World map displaying ArbNet accredited arboreta (434 as of December 2020), categorized by accreditation level. The world's 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots are shaded in red

       (CEPF,, 2016). 


ARBNET ACCREDITED ARBORETA IN OR NEAR A BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOT       Map description: World map displaying ArbNet accredited arboreta (262 as of December 2020) that are in or within 200 kilometers of a biodiversity hotspot

      (CEPF,, 2016).


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