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Pastorius Park

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Pastorius Park


The Pastorius Park Arboretum, situated in the heart of Chestnut Hill exemplifies a dedication to cultivating and preserving a diverse botanical collection within a serene urban oasis. Rooted in the principles of landscape architecture and inspired by the designs of Frederick Law Olmsted, the arboretum seeks to provide a living museum of trees and shrubs that reflects the cultural, historical, and ecological significance of the region. Through meticulous curation and stewardship by the Friends of Pastorius Park (FoPP), the arboretum presents visitors with a dynamic array of woody plant species,from towering canopy trees to carefully selected native and non-native specimens. 

The arboretum’s mission extends beyond mere horticultural display, aiming to foster community engagement, environmental education, and conservation efforts. With a focus on sustainability practices and long-term preservation, FoPP collaborates with local organizations, educational institutions, and botanical experts to ensure the continued vitality and resilience of Pastorius Park Arboretum. Through interpretive signage, guided tours, and outreach programs, the arboretum invites visitors to explore, learn, and connect with nature, enriching their understanding of the importance of urban green spaces and the vital role of trees in our ecosystem. As a cherished cultural and recreational asset, Pastorius Park Arboretum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of stewardship and the harmonious coexistence of nature and community.


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