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Otterbein Granville Arboretum

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Otterbein Granville Arboretum


The Otterbein Arboretum currently has 687 trees in their collection, highlighted by a variety of Oaks, Elm hybrids, Maples, Dogwoods, Cherries, Birch and Beech. A spectacular Lacebark Elm is a focal point amongst the residential cottages & villas, and the native Black Tupelo was chosen as the signature tree of the Arboretum during the 10-year anniversary in 2015 of the founding of this Granville community.  The trees on their 47-acre campus are an integral part of the quality of life for their residents, staff, and visitors. Proper planting, mulching and maintenance practices through their Landscaping Department will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy a sustainable landscape, alongside almost 50 acres of native surrounding woodland and forested areas

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