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Myrick Park Arboretum


Myrick Park Arboretum


Myrick Park is a prominent public park maintained by the City of La Crosse, located directly across from the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse. It is well visited by college students, community members, and thousands of visitors annually who enjoy its many amenities. Even prior to becoming an Arboretum, the City of La Crosse coined Myrick Park as a “tree walk” displaying over 30 different native trees, ranging in age from about 25 to 10 years.  This beautiful city park also houses “The Nature Place,” a nonprofit nature learning center which also provides education and attracts nature lovers who frequent the nearby trails.   

The Arboretum is maintained by three full-time staff arborists (two certified) in the City of La Crosse’s Forestry Department. The arborists perform annual tree structure pruning, planting, and provide oversight of new native species selection for memorial and donated trees, as well as volunteer-based activities. Arboretum tree species are labeled with clear signage within the park, and an electronic mapping database system is actively updated when changes to arboretum trees occur.

The Arboretum serves as an example to demonstrate the ecological, social, and infrastructural benefits of healthy trees, and provide demonstrations on proper maintenance and care of trees. It is a place to host events such as Arbor Day, pruning seminars, planting demonstrations, and provide the public with a place to experience, walk, and relax.


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