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Mount Moriah Cemetery and Arboretum

Mount Mariah Cemetery D. Huisken Acer Palmatum

Mount Moriah Cemetery and Arboretum


The Mount Moriah Cemetery, established in March of 1855 is situated on nearly 200 acres located in both Philadelphia County and Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  This once rural cemetery is flanked by the Cobbs Creek Park and is bisected by the Cobbs Creek, a component of the Delaware River watershed.  It boasts of historic pines, hemlocks, cedars, poplars, yews and boxwoods.  The abundance of milkweed, designed plantings and volunteer vegetation provide habitat for resident and migratory wildlife in an urban environment.

Accredited Arboretum Level I imageMount Moriah Cemetery and Arboretum
6201 Kingsessing Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19142, United States,
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