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The James Bethel Gresham Arboretum at Locust Hill Cemetery

The James Bethel Gresham Arboretum at Locust Hill Cemetery


Locust Hill Cemetery was founded in 1855 and currently has a 67-acre footprint within the City of Evansville.  The James Bethel Gresham Arboretum is named after the facility’s most famous internment to honor his memory on the 100th anniversary of his passing in World War I.

Established in 2017, it seeks to provide a quiet and healing landscape for mourners while respecting the history and dignity of those interred at Locust Hill Cemetery while promoting public awareness and appreciation of urban greenspaces by providing a safe, serene and beautiful setting.  A core goal is to protect and cultivate existing trees and woody shrubs, while augmenting the historic landscape by selecting and appropriately locating new acquisitions.  Additionally, it will promote general awareness and appreciation for trees and landscaping through social media, publications and public events.  There are over 35 individual tree species represented within the Gresham Arboretum.

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