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Inglewood Park Cemetery and Arboretum


Inglewood Park Cemetery and Arboretum


Inglewood Park Cemetery & Arboretum has over 2,366 trees with 291 different species over 291 acres and is committed to protecting and preserving these natural resources for the community. Some specimen trees to see while onsite are the beautiful Camphor trees throughout the north side of the property.  Several varying species of pine trees including the majestic Stone pine, with their large and wide canopy are quite impressive here.  The mature Cork oaks are massive for this species and an amazing Moreton Bay Fig are a must to see.  

Being a nonprofit organization helps separate themselves from many other cemeteries within their state by regularly emphasizing on the overall wellbeing of the cemetery and its landscapes for generations to come.  Today, more cemeteries are being used as outdoor spaces to visit.  The tree selection and landscaping has become a huge part of our future planning of new style projects they call a “cemetery within a cemetery”.  The landscaping of cemeteries requires a very specific vision on design and planting.  Things like size, soil problems, planting, and technical management issues play an important role in our species selection process.  Their cemetery offers an opportunity for planting a wide variety of trees that might be difficult in other landscapes.  This includes traditional weeping trees, oak, elm, large variety of pines, and coral trees. In addition to providing a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas and other energy benefits.


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