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Indiana University South Bend


Indiana University South Bend


Indiana University, through the Woodland Campus Initiative, strives towards a holistic approach to managing and engaging the IU community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors, with IU’s 220+ unique tree species found among 23k+ digitally inventoried freestanding street trees. This spans all trees on IU’s grounds found across 8 campuses and includes special collections within the Cox Arboretum at IU Bloomington, Woodland Society donor trees (with physical plaques throughout central campus at IU Bloomington), IU’s signature trees (as found on campus tree tour materials), and the materials & collections found within campus units’ programs (Departments of Biology, IU Herbariums, IU Greenhouses, IU Campus Garden & Nature Centers, Research & Teaching Preserve, etc). Collectively, IU’s work in this area includes ongoing care and maintenance of trees throughout Indiana and covers new plantings, monitoring, woodlot stewardship, tree health preservation, and public engagement / teaching.


Accredited Arboretum Level I imagetrees
1700 E. Mishawaka Ave., South Bend, Indiana 46615, United States,
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