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Heritage Acres Memorial Sanctuary

Heritage Acres Memorial Santuary

Heritage Acres Memorial Sanctuary


Heritage Acres Memorial Sanctuary is a forty acre natural burial ground comprised of gently rolling meadowlands and peaceful woodlands. The sanctuary includes beautiful flowering trees, such as the Dogwood, Redbud, and Ohio Buckeye, as well as several trees that bear edible fruits, nuts, and berries, such as Paw Paw, Serviceberry, Spicebush, and Pecan. The young orchard at Heritage Acres includes several fruit trees including Apple, Plum, Pear, and Persimmon, and at the heart of the meadow is a beloved Northern Catalpa tree. There is also a White Ash tree, which is on the ICUN Red List as critically endangered due to the spread of an invasive beetle, the emerald ash borer. This special arboretum and burial preserve offers an ecologically protected landscape where the enduring physical and spiritual bond between human life and the earth can be healed and restored.

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