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Hazel Crest Open Lands

Hazel Crest

Hazel Crest Open Lands


The Village of Hazel Crest is a suburban community of approximately 14,000 residents located south of the City of Chicago. The Village acquired the Hazel Crest Open Lands in the 1980s and 90s. The Village's main goal for the Open Lands is to increse tree canopy diversity and provide recreation opportunities to local residents. The trees in the Open Lands provide an important role in reducing local heat islands and flood mitigation. A variety of native tree species to Sourthern Illinois are planting in the Open Lands, including: Baldcypress, Marmo maple, Persian parotta, Wireless zacova, Pear, Butternut, Bitternut hickory, Sassafrass, Giant sequoia, Blue ash and Schumard, White, Black, Bur and White oaks. 

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3000 W. 170th Place, Hazel Crest, Illinois 60429, United States,
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