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Georgia College and State University

Front campus trees

Georgia College and State University


Georgia College has a broad collection of trees on their campus for the GC and Milledgeville communities to learn about and enjoy. As they are geographically located along the Georgia Fall Line, they face the challenge of creating a collection that can thrive and withstand the large temperature differentials that come from being located in such a unique area. They have a wide variety of deciduous trees incorporated in their collection, including a variety of maple trees, pecan trees, and even the state tree of Georgia, the Live Oak. These trees and many others contribute to the beauty of the campus as they design their collection to try and highlight the variety of fall colors and textures present every year. The trees on campus are not only beautiful but provide many services to the ecosystem around them including sweet fragrances and blooms that feed wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies, providing shade, wind, and rain protection year-round, and providing organic matter to nourish surrounding soils. They have presently mapped the central campus and plan to expand and inventory the other East, West, and Andalusia Farm campuses in the coming years.  They are excited to broaden our collection as well as create further opportunities to educate and foster a love for the environment in their community.

Accredited Arboretum Level I imagestudents and trees
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