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Gardens at Palomar College

Palomar College Botanical Garden

Gardens at Palomar College


The roughly 200 acre site currently houses 31 different garden themes, the Endangered coastal sage brush community and The Edwin and Francis Hunter Arboretum.

Some examples of the garden themes are as follows: A Hardwood Garden, located near the Cabinet and Furniture Technology building. This garden displays trees often used in furniture and cabinet making. A Polynesian Garden near the TLC building, which is home to a faux lava field and a rain water filled water feature, planted with many of Polynesia’s most useful and or rare plants. There is a one acre Cactus and Succulent Garden near Mission RD. and there are many California Native Gardens that have been scattered throughout the campus. Palms and Bamboo are also well represented in the Arboretum. This just names a few of the many botanical attractions to be seen at Palomar.

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