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Frank A. Waugh Arboretum at UMass Amherst

Frank A. Waugh Arboretum - chapel

Frank A. Waugh Arboretum at UMass Amherst


The Waugh Arboretum at UMass Amherst was founded in 1944 after the landscape architect pioneer Frank A. Waugh. His vision reflected the founding philosophy of the college that the land was more important than the buildings. The original plant introductions are credited to President William Clark who served as an agricultural advisor to Japan. Of the specimens brought over from Hokkaido includes the Japanese Elm – national champion and class tree of 1899 – which stands as the backbone of a strong Asian presence in the arboretum today. The Waugh serves as a living laboratory for Five-College and University research in landscape architecture, botany, horticulture, forestry, ecological restoration, and plant sciences and a resource center for external professionals such as landscape architects, nursery professionals, and amateur gardeners. Modern collection policies aim to invigorate campus sustainability standards and uphold this position as a top university in the fields of urban forestry, arboriculture, and landscape architecture. Follow us at

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