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Cox Arboretum conifers

Cox Arboretum


Cox Arboretum is a private estate located in Canton, Georgia. Canton is approximately 40 miles north of Atlanta in the foothills of the Piedmont Range. Numbering over 4,000 living specimens, the plantings display one of the largest private collections of temperate flora in the United States. With an elevation of 1200 feet and containing several lakes and streams, they are able to grow a wide variety of plants in their zone 7B climate. The property is also bounded by several large wetland habitats where many migratory and native fowl make their home. It is situated on 13 acres in the middle of an old-growth southern deciduous hardwood forest, containing many large Oaks, Hickory, Poplar and Sweetgum – some of which are over 100 years old.

The Arboretum was founded by Tom and Evelyn Cox in 1990 for the purpose of collecting garden-worthy plants. Throughout the years the mission has evolved with a present focus on plant evaluation, preservation of rare and endangered flora and to develop a public appreciation and enlightenment of plants. It also serves a scientific and educational purpose, through testing and displaying new and rare plants from around the world in a garden setting. Since human activities such as clearing forest have put much of the world's flora at risk, the mission also includes preservation of the germplasm of many critically endangered plants.

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