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City of Bexley Arboretum

City of Bexley Arboretum


The Bexley Arboretum is home to over 40 specimen trees; one of a kind individual trees noted for their age, beauty, uniqueness and ofrm that best represent a specific tree species.  The City of Bexley maintains a published listing that provides a location, description, and photograph of thse specimen trees.

The key feature of the Bexley Arboretum is its street trees.  This tree canopy adds to the community's beauty, creates a pedestrian friendlly setting, absorbs carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, filters pollutants, conserves water, and cools the community during hot summer days.

Accredited Arboretum Level II imageCity of Bexley Fall treeCity of Bexley Ohio Buckeye tree
2242 East Main Street, Bexley, Ohio 43209, United States,
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