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Blau House & Gardens


Blau House & Gardens


Located in the charming town of Westport, Connecticut, Blau House & Gardens is a 2-acre property with a series of interconnected garden rooms developed by Barry Blau, an advertising executive, over a 50-year time span. The nine distinctive gardens on the site, including a sunken parterre garden, Asian garden, natural woodland, stream and pond, and various terrace gardens, offer visitors a diverse and captivating horticultural experience. Five majestic White Oaks, approximately 100 plus years old, stand as testament to the site's rich history and provide key structural elements. A flowering crabapple allée, native dogwoods and redbuds, and unique evergreens, all meticulously planted by Mr. Blau, add to the arboreal splendor of the gardens. Rhododendrons, thoughtfully scattered amongst the trees, enhance the cohesiveness of the landscape, reflecting Mr. Blau's vision for the site.

Operated by the non-profit Blau House & Gardens, BH&G is currently maintained by University of Connecticut master gardener program volunteers and BH&G stewards and advisors. They strive to provide a unique and enriching experience for visitors, celebrating the beauty and importance of our natural world.



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