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The Arboretum at Adams Park

Adams Park Fountain

The Arboretum at Adams Park


Established in 2023, the 2.5-acre Arboretum at Adams Park, centrally located at historic Adams Park in the heart of downtown Wheaton and at the doorsteps of the City of Wheaton Public Library; provides the public a diverse, enjoyable, informational, and peaceful nature inspired environment, that honors the City of Wheaton's dedication to the environment and its urban forest. Currently there are 138 trees in the arboretum, of which there are 53 different species, dozens of types of woody shrubs, perennials, & bulbs. There is also a historic central water fountain, gazebos, winding walking paths, plenty of open spaces, & home to the ever-expanding holiday lights display. Besides the vast amount of plant materials in the arboretum, informational horticultural signage will be placed along the pathways and an on-line GIS-based tree inventory is available with several attributes like Tree ID, Location, Common Name, Tree Condition, Diameter Size, & Last Prune Date. The Arboretum at Adams Park is always free and open to the public year-round to enjoy.


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