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Past Events


February 16-18: Magnolia Society International Annual Meeting, Huntington, CA, USA

February 12-16: Botanical Bridges Congress, Columbia


December 12-13: ISA International Virtual Conference

November 7-8: 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration, online

November 2: Urban Forest Symposium, Seattle, WA, USA & online

October 16-20: 2nd World Forum on Urban Forests, Washington, D.C., USA

October 11-12: Landscape Below Ground V Conference; Lisle, IL. USA

October 3-7: The Mexican Association of Botanical Gardens National Conference, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

August 14-16: ISA Annual International Conference; Albuquerque, NM, USA

July 14: Woody Plant Conference, Swarthmore, PA, USA

June 5-8: American Public Gardens Conference; Dallas, Texas, USA

May 29: Botanic Gardens Day, Australia and New Zealand

May 29-June 2: IX World Magnolia Symposium, Honduras

May 24-26: European Forum on Urban Forestry, Krakow, Poland

May 4-6: Center for Plant Conservation National Meeting, Phoenix, AZ., USA

April 28; National Arbor Day, USA

April 26-29: American Conifer Society National Meeting, Charlotte, NC, USA

March 26-April 6 - Magnolia Society International Annual Meeting, Germany


December 13-14: ISA Virtual Conference

November 16-17: Partners in Community Forestry Conference, Seattle, WA., USA

November 14-18: 2022 Botanical Bridges Congress; Eleuthera, The Bahamas

September 26-30: 7th Global Botanic Gardens Congress; Melbourne, Australia

September 12-14: International Society of Arboriculture Conference; Malmö, Sweden

September 15-18: American Conifer Society National Meeting; West Conshohocken, PA,USA

August 30 - September 2: International Oak Society Conference; Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

July 15: Woody Plant Conference; Swarthmore College, PA, USA

June 20-24: American Public Gardens Association Conference; Portland, OR, US

May 29: Botanic Gardens Day, Australia and New Zealand

May 16-20: EuroGard IX: European Botanic Garden Congress; Budapest, Hungary

May 4-6: Center for Plant Conservation National Meeting; Denver, CO. USA

April 8-19: Magnolia Society International Meeting; Germany

February 5: Midwest Perennial Plant Symposium (online & in person)

January 26: Intro to Ecological Restoration (online)


December 13-16: International Society of Arboriculture Virtual Conference and Trade Show

November 17-18: Partners in Community Forestry Conference; Louisville, KY, USA

November 4-5: New Life for Old Cemeteries: Connecting Communities and Open Space - Virtual Conference

October 19-21: Virtual Global Symposium and Workshop, Conserving Exceptional Plants: Cryobiotechnology and the Model of Oaks

October 7, 14, 21: Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Diversifying Conservation with Indigenous Perspectives webinar series

September 28: Becoming an Arboretum: a step by step approach (webinar - Davey Resource Group & ArbNet)

September 14-16: 10th Anniversary ArbNet Virtual Conference

September 3-11: IUCN World Congress, Marseille, France

July 16: Woody Plant Conference; Swarthmore College, PA, USA

June 7-10, American Public Gardens Association Virtual Conference

February 24-26: Reforestation for biodiversity, carbon capture and livelihoods - online conference

February 13: Magnolia Society Internation online Symposium


December 7-11: International Society of Arboriculture Conference and Trade Show; Virtual conference

November 17-20: Partners in Community Forestry Conference; Virtual conference

October 28-30: Promoting Excellence in Horticulture; The Sibbaldia and PlantNetwork Conference; Virtual conference

October 13-15: State of the World's Plants and Fungi; Virtual symposium

September 17 & 24: Midwest Tree and Shrub Conference: Diverse Plantings for a Resilient Future; Virtual conference

June 25th, 30th, July 2nd, 7th, 9th: American Public Gardens Association Conference - virtual conference

May 31: Botanic Gardens Day New Zealand & Australia

May 11-15: POSTPONED 9th Planta Europa Conference; Paris, France

May 8-17: National Public Gardens Week, USA

March 25: Soil Management for Community Trees (Webinar)

March 23-27: Association for the Taxonomic Study of the Flora of Tropical Africa (AETFAT); Livingstone, Zambia

March 2-6: Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation Conference; Atlanta, GA, USA

January 16-17: International Conference on Urban Forestry and Forest Preservation; Rome, Italy


December 3-6: South American Botanic Gardens Network Workshop; Columbia

November 20-21: Partners in Community Forestry Conference; Cleveland, OH, USA

November 3-5: North American Garden Tourism Conference; Victoria, Canada

October 19: The American Chestnut Foundation Conference; Gettysburg, PA, USA

October 10-12: Arboreta Around the World: Share Your Knowledge of Biodiversity; Vallombrosa, Italy

August 25-28: AZH Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA

August 9-10: International Society of Arboriculture Conference and Trade Show, Knoxville, TN

August 5-9: Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Conference, Thailand

July 29: Woody Plant Conference, Swarthmore, PA

June 17-21: American Public Gardens Association Conference: Washington D.C. area

June 6-8: The American Conifer Society National Meeting, Silverton, OR.

May 26: Botanic Gardens Day, Australia & New Zealand

May 20-22: Advances and Perspectives of Biodiversity Research and Conservation in Georgia, Georgia

May 13-19: National Public Gardens Week, USA

May 8-9: Plant Network Conference, UK

May 3-5: Magnolia Society International Annual Meeting, USA

April 26: National Arbor Day, USA

February 27-March 1: Development and Membership Symposium, Atlanta, GA.

January 3-4: Xishuangbanna International Symposium, Xishuangbanna, China


Oct. 22-24: International Oak Society Conference, UC Davis Arboretum, Davis, California

Oct. 16-18: American Public Gardens Association: Excellence in Plant Collections Management Symposium, Vancouver, Canada

Oct 15-17: The Landscape Below Ground International Conference, Lisle, IL.

Oct. 9-12: Sentinel plantings for detecting alien, potentially damaging tree pests: State of the Art 2018, Switzerland

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: 2018 International Japanese Garden Conference, Portland, OR.

Sept. 9-14:  BGCI's 10th International Congress on Education, "Bringing Life to the City", Warsaw, Poland

August 28-30: Global Partnership For Plant Conservation Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

August 26-30: AZH Annual Conference, Winnepeg, Canada

August 5-8: International Society of Arboriculture Conference and Trade Show, Columbus, Ohio:

July 20: Woody Plant Conference, Swarthmore, PA.

June 14-17: The American Conifer Society National Meeting, Raleigh/Durham, NC.

June 4-8: American Public Gardens Association Conference, Southern California

May 27: BGANZ Open Day  Australia & New Zealand

May 11 : National Public Gardens Day, USA

May 7-11: Eurogard VIII, Lisbon, Portugal

May 2-3: Outdoor Spaces and Nature-based Programming in Public Gardens: Building the Evidence Base for Early STEM learning, Lisle, IL. USA

April 27: National Arbor Day

April 18-19: Plant Network Annual Conference, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK

March 23-25: Magnolia Society International Annual Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina,

January 29-30: International Conference on Benefits and Uses of Urban Forests and Trees, Sydney, Australia


Nov 1-3:IUFRO special working group on Fagaceae and Nothofagaceae genetics and genomics, Shanghai, China

Nov 1-3: American Public Gardens Association Symposium Educational LIfe Cycles, Richmond, VA.

Oct. 25-27: American Public Gardens Association Native Plants and Plant Conservation Symposium, Framington, MA

Oct. 22-25: BGANZ Congress, Adelaide, South Australia

Oct. 6: American Chestnut Foundation Annual Meeting - South Portland, Maine

Sept. 13-15: American Public Gardens Association Arts & Exhibitions Symposium - Denver, CO

Aug. 17-19: American Conifer Society National Meeting, East Syracuse, NY

July 28-Aug 2: International Society of Arboriculture International Conference, Maryland, USA

July 21 : Woody Plant Conference, Swarthmore, PA.

July 21-24 : Oak Open Days, Czech Republic

June 26-30 : 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress (Geneva, Switzerland)

June 19-23 : American Public Gardens Association Conference, Hamilton & Niagara, Ontario

May 28 : BGANZ Open Day

May 12 : National Public Gardens Day

May 4-15 : Magnolia Society International Annual Meeting, Sweden

April 28 : Arbor Day

April 26 - 27 : Plant Network Annual conference 'Connecting gardens;engaging people -  Edinburgh

Feb. 15- 17: American Public Gardens Association Symposium - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Feb 13-16 : National Native Seed Conference, Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Nov. 29 - Dec. 3rd : Third International Symposium on the family Magnoliaceae, Cuba

Nov. 29 : 3rd public symposium of the Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens (ERA), Instituto de Ecologia, Xalapa, Mexico

Nov. 10-11 :  Plants on the Move: How Public Gardens Can Help Control Invasive Plants, The Morton Arboretum, Lisle,IL

Oct. 25-26 : International Symposium of the Management and Cultivation of Urban Street Trees (Shanghai,China)

Oct. 13: Tree Canopy Conference, Haverford College, Pennyslvania

Oct. 11-12 : PlantNetwork Annual Conference ‘Skills and Standards’ , Manchester

Oct. 7-12 : AZH Conference, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio

Oct. 5 - 8 : First Congress of Botanic Gardens in South America - Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

Sept 1-10 : IUCN World Congress, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aug. 29 - September 1: Fifth International EcoSummit; Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change  - France

Aug. 13-17: ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show - Fort Worth, Texas

July 18-22: Island Biology 2016 - International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation   Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal

June 29, 2016 : Woody Plant Conference,  Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

June 28-29, 2016  Plant Conservation and the Sustainable Development Goals   Missouri Botanial Garden

June 6-10: APGA Conference, Miami, FL. ,Changing Perspectives, Planting For The Future

May 30- June 3 - Genomics and Forest Tree Genetics Conference  - France

May 29 - BGANZ Open Day

May 16-19 - Gene Conservation of Tree Species – Banking on the Future, Chicago IL., USA

May 6 - National Public Gardens Day