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Puebla University Botanic Garden (JBU-BUAP)


Puebla University Botanic Garden (JBU-BUAP)


The University of Puebla Botanic Garden (JB-BUAP) was started in 1986 and occupies a 10 ha site on the southern outskirts of the city of Puebla, southern Mexico. The Garden is well known internationally for its large collection of Mexican oaks, pines and other trees, many of them rare, as well as many other flowering plants. Within the oaks trees, they are growing 4 of the most restricted species in México and Q. “autopista”, one new species yet not described. Additonally, they have three species in our conservation collection: Q. brandegeii, Q. insignis and Q. hirtifolia.

Other collections include significant holding of species of Bursera and Jatropha, cacti and succulents, economic and ornamental plants and a good native flora including 5 native species of terrestrial orchids which grow in their grounds. It is committed to the documentation of the flora of the state of Puebla, and to the assessment of threatened tree species including propagating the rarer trees such as Pseudosmodingium barkleyiFouquieria leonilae and Beaucarnea olsonii,  all recently discovered in Puebla.

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